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Bourbon & Uncured Bacon

This Southern style salami is made with Kentucky Bourbon & Smoky Bacon, being crafted in the old world tradition to create a new, fun flavor!

Red Wine & Garlic

This traditional Southern Italian style salami is crafted with savory spices and red wine to create rich, complex flavor.

Taste the Difference

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Twelve Uncured Bacon Roam Sticks that are traditionally crafted for depth of flavor.

Roam Sticks Pineapple

Twelve Pineapple Roam Sticks with a natural punch of real pineapple sweetness.

Roam Sticks Jalapeño

Twelve Jalapeño Roam Sticks with just enough heat to help you enjoy the savory flavors.

Roam Sticks Variety 6 Pack

Two Roam Sticks in each of these three delicious flavors: Uncured Bacon, Jalapeño, & Pineapple.

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Two people taking a break from hiking to eat a Singing Pastures Roam Stick

Great for

School Lunches

Power up your student with delicious, clean protein in flavors they’ll love!


Portable, savory, and satiating - perfect for every adventure!

Road Trips

Healthy Travel Tip - Bring Singing Pastures along for a better trip!

Quick Snacks

Healthy, delicious, and fast. Roam Sticks are your anytime, anywhere choice when the clock is ticking.