We Farm Like the World Depends On It, Because It Does!

John & Holly Arbuckcle in a field with pigs surrounding

Our Story

Founded by 9th Generation farmers, we understand that the way people farm changes with every generation. Up until World War II, almost all farming was done by independent, family farms. Now, 98% of all pork produced in America comes from large, corporate factory farms. We embrace a return to the roots of the family farm, and practices that demonstrate how pasture-based farming can contribute to healthier soil, water, and biodiversity.

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Our Food

Our passion lies in creating nutrient-dense, flavorful snacks that not only satisfy your taste buds, but also support a healthier, more sustainable food system. That is why we only use pasture raised pork, sourced from our home farm and other pasture-based family farms, raised without antibiotics, added hormones, or growth stimulants.

Two hands holding rich soil from a regenerative farm

The Regenerative Movement

As family farmers, we don’t just support the Regenerative Agriculture movement, we live it. Our mission is to empower a community of farmers to adopt regenerative practices that help improve soil - the foundation for clean water, abundant wildlife, and a greener planet.

Portrait of Farmer John, Co-founder of Singing Pastures

Thoughts from Farmer John

"Our modern food system is broken. Factory farms create problems for human health, animal welfare and the environment. Equally important, millions of acres of soil across the country are rapidly degrading because of excess tillage, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Degraded soil leads to diminished nutrition and the loss of important trace minerals in our food supply. It also leads to erosion, decarbonization, chemical pollution, and desertification affecting the land, rivers and oceans.

Regenerative Agriculture is the way to tie together our love for the planet and our path in farming. Unlike corporate factory farms, we raise our animals outdoors on green grass. We mimic nature by moving them every few days. This is similar to what the bison would have done on the prairie. Bison didn't just hang around in one spot; they were bunched together and moving, which naturally fed the plants that were utilizing the manure left behind. This also fed the microbiome of the soil, which led to rich topsoil and healthy grassland ecosystems. The prairie needed the bison and the bison needed the prairie. Similarly, land improves when domesticated animals are holistically managed, frequently moving to fresh pasture. Regenerative agriculture is our opportunity to make a difference."
- Farmer John