Mother & Son in a regenerative farm's pasture

Better Together

Singing Pastures Farm raises heritage breed pigs in the grassy fields of coastal Maine. Ninth-generation farmers (and co-owners) Holly and John Arbuckle are committed to the regenerative practices that keep the farm thriving year after year. The farm name comes straight from nature—the constant song and orchestra of activity from animals that call the farm home. From birds and frogs to insects and fish, they all play a role in keeping the land healthy and balanced. 

Here is their Small Business Saturday message that I would like to share:

Our farm takes many forms--it is a living ecosystem, our home, our business, and our teacher. As farmers, we have to pay attention to cycles of the seasons of nature. In winter, we remember that the darkness is not eternal. Life will rise from the land again, even if we don’t see anything happening yet. While we wait, we slow down. We acknowledge the stillness of the season. We embrace the cold. We savor the things that give our life purpose. We hold on.

Similarly, we are in a time of uncertainty, where families may not be able to get together the way they normally would. Small businesses may not be able to open their doors and welcome people into their stores and restaurants. It’s tough. We get it. And, we will get through this. 

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