Artisanally Smoked and Fermented

Traditionally Smoked

Most other snack sticks are made using liquid smoke, poured out of five gallon buckets into the meat. Not us. Our sticks are smoked the old-fashioned way, with real hickory wood.

Naturally Fermented

Other brands use corn-based citric acid, (surrounded by encapsulated hydrogenated oil), to make their sticks shelf-stable. Not us. Our sticks are fermented, making them a healthier, gut-friendly alternative to other brands.

Roam Sticks are the only pasture-raised pork snack sticks widely available. Healthy and delicious, they are ready to grab and go on your next adventure. So stash them in your backpack, lunchbox, or stroller for wherever you may roam.

Hand Crafted

Artisanally Processed

The maker of our salami learned the art of traditional curing the old-fashioned way, apprenticing in Italy. Experience charcuterie crafted using these centuries-old European traditions, without ever leaving home.

Fermented and Dry Cured

It all starts with simple ingredients, small batches of fresh pasture-raised pork and spices. Each link is hand tied, fermented, and aged for three weeks to develop superb taste and texture.

Singing Pastures salami has a delightfully complex flavor, making it an elegant addition to any picnic, hike, or dinner party.